Exciting New Features and Integrations on FinView: Expanding Horizons

FinView: November Product Update 2023

Welcome, FinView Community! Today we’re back with another product update blog to expand and improve FinView’s capabilities. We are pleased to reveal some amazing new features and integrations that promise to elevate the FinView experience even further. Selcom Integration: FinView Steps into Africa First off, let’s talk about our new integration with Selcom, a leading…

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Unveiling FinView’s Latest Innovations: Powering Global Collections with Unparalleled Automation

Product update on FinView - September 2023

FinView, your go-to solution for efficient debt management, just got even better with some significant updates! These enhancements range from advanced security measures to an upgraded mobile app and an all new workflow builder – let’s dive in and discover these additions together! Microsoft Azure’s Global Cloud Infrastructure Offers Unrivaled Security and Compliance Solutions FinView…

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Debt Collection Improvement With FinView Solutions

Overcoming Debt Collections With FinView Solutions

Navigating the murky waters of unpaid invoices and debt collections can be like treading through a minefield. Businesses of all sizes face numerous obstacles in collecting debt from customers – everything from maintaining positive customer relationships, efficient collections processes and regulatory compliance requirements, to keeping customer relationships strong. Let’s explore these hurdles together and discover…

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Leveraging an Omnichannel Strategy in the Debt Collection Industry

Debt collection professionals are not strangers to the complexities and challenges associated with handling delinquent accounts. There has been an ongoing search for ways to simplify the process and improve outcomes. The omnichannel strategy is here. This innovative approach can transform debt collection by simplifying communication for debtors and collectors. Let’s look at what an…

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Digital Debt Collections v2 – welcome to FinView

FinView - the fully loaded debt collection software

Discover how FinView’s innovative features can revolutionise your debt collection and case handling process, while ensuring compliance and seamless integration with external parties. The world of debt collection is continuously evolving, even more so in these economic times. Businesses need a modern, effective solution to recover unpaid invoices. Enter FinView, the second version of our…

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TicketDesk: Streamlining Debt Collection with a Powerful Ticket Solution

Debt collection software with its own built in ticketing system.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, managing and tracking debt collection can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Efficient and effective management of debt recovery is crucial to maintaining a healthy cash flow and ensuring the financial success of a business. One tool that is revolutionising the debt collection process is TicketDesk, a debt collection module…

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CollectIC platform highlights: May 2022

We at CollectIC love new releases and this once is epic. Over the past few months our team embarked on one of the big challenges we put to them, and boy did they deliver. This blog will showcase some of our favourite new features. The highlights are: A totally redesigned business case module Implementing to…

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CollectIC launches its self-service app – FinView Online

In a recent post, we talked about the effect digital transformation will have on companies collections processes*. A recent study by the Capgemini Research Institute saw that the use of self-service applications, chatbots, digital payments have increased in usage by more than 40% over the past year.With individuals and companies demanding solutions that empower them…

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