COMMUNICATIONS Revolutionising Debt Collections with Customizable, User-Friendly Email Templates

The fast and easy way to design effective and high performing emails.

A sleek image showcasing the email template builder in action, with a user easily dragging and dropping elements onto a template.

Future Drag-&-Drop Email Creator

The best no-code, drag-and-drop email builder, included in FinView. Mobile responsive. Sleek. No rendering surprises. Broad email compatibility, Outlook included.

Future-proof Your Emails

Get 56% lighter emails, faster load-speed, and less clipping as our module supports HTML 3.0 for emails - and you’ll reduce your carbon footprint, too.

Easy Customer Branding

Make applying brand style and governance easy using features like content defaults and customized social blocks - helping customers maintain an appropriate image for your brand is now simpler than ever!

Features Unleash the Full Potential of Your Debt Collection Emails

FinView's feature-packed email template builder simplifies debt collection strategy with pre-designed modules, responsive design features, personalisation options, an user-friendly interface and template library. Create eye-catching collection emails quickly to increase rates, while improving debtor communication and boost rates of collection success.

Pre-designed modules
Pre-designed modules

Choose from a vast library selection of pre-built modules. From headers & footers, to images, call-to-action buttons, text boxes, and so much more.

Responsive design
Responsive design

Our templates are designed to work flawlessly on any device, ensuring your emails look great and function properly no matter where they're viewed.

Personalization options
Personalization options

Easily insert dynamic fields to personalize each email, boosting engagement and increasing the chances of successful collections.

User-friendly interface
User-friendly interface

Our intuitive builder makes it easy for anyone to design stunning emails, regardless of their technical skills.

Pre-built templates
Pre-built templates

Access a collection of professionally designed templates, tailored specifically for the debt collection industry, to help you get started quickly.

EFFORTLESS COMMUNICATION Customize Your Collection Emails in Minutes

Say goodbye to the days of tedious email design! With FinView's drag-and-drop email template builder, creating beautiful, professional, and effective debt collection emails has never been easier. Simply select from our wide array of pre-built elements, drag them onto your template, and drop them into place. In just a few minutes, you'll have a tailor-made email that perfectly suits your business needs.

Customize Your Debt Collection Emails in Minutes

MODULES Lots of modules, to help get things done


Rows serve as the horizontal building blocks of any email. By simply dragging a row, you are able to add, duplicate, and reposition columns with ease and adaptability.


Content blocks represent the different kinds of content you can use in your email or invoice template: from text, image, video, icons, etc. You can add content to help bring your emails to life.


To help navigate emails with larger content, incorporating a straightforward text navigation that transforms into a hamburger menu on mobile devices will improve user navigation.


Easily embed videos into emails: simply copy and paste a link from YouTube or Vimeo. It displays as a clickable image in emails and plays directly on web pages enhancing user experience.


To facilitate social follow & social share, you can quickly add your preferred social icons, selecting from a gallery of available styles. Custom icons too.


Star ratings, list of logos, visual bullets: Using Icons allows you to use small images and text together for more flexibility in your designs.


Easily create call to actions with our button module. Customise for impact and engagement: prompt, FAQ, or explore with a single click of a button.

STRUCTURE Do not stack

When a row is rendered on mobile, columns are stacked vertically. This feature lets you override that, for when columns need to stay side by side.

FEATURES Explore more features of FinView

FinView is packed with many features all of which enables you to deliver positive experiences.

A seamless data handling experience that helps reduce friction in your data journey. 

A simple ticketing systems that ensures all your team manage all events on every case.

Connect to your customers, cases and 3rd parties, all from one shared inbox for your whole team.


Mobile App

Give your customers full control on their case via the FinView app. Available online or via the app store.

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