INSIGHTS Insights and reporting that change the way you think about data!

Go from data to insights in minutes. And all in one view!


For your people

Quickly go from data to insight to action. Arm your team with data, unlock their curiosity, and unleash their creativity. Our dynamic dashboards can cater for any role.

For your clients

Prepare for analysis. Build data sources and dashboards. Publish and share the content so you can collaborate with your customers. All with the security and governance you need.

For your business

Understand your business performance with FinView insights. Enable your teams to work faster and smarter by choosing a seamless end-to-end analytics experience.

DASHBOARDS Analytics for everyone.

Managing cases is always changing, which means your recovery performance needs to adapt as well. Our dashboards shorten the distance between data and informed decisions for everyone involved in collections recovery in your business. Align your complete team around a uniformed view to maximise results.

FinView data and analytical dashboards
FinView Drag & Drop Reporting

REPORTING Drag & drop reporting

FinView comes with a simple yet incredibly powerful drag-and-drop report builder. Integrated with all your data, simply drag the elements you want to see on your custom report and click go - it's really that easy.

FOCUS Accerlate actions when everyone has the right insights

We developed FinView Insights to support every aspect of the collections business. Critically driving quick actions is easy with our interactive activities dashboard.


Better manage activity

Recognise performance patterns that lead to wins and start trusting the data you got.


Forecast more accurately

Quickly spot outliers, mitigate variability, and deliver on your goals - every time.


Data driven team planning

Focus on driving collections and empowering leadership to make more informed decisions.


Customize your view

Create a data-driven culture across your business by building insights that deliver performance boosting results.


Performance coaching

Create a culture of accountability and increase the recovery rates across your entire team.

FEATURES Explore more features

FinView is packed with many features all of which enables you to deliver positive experiences.

A seamless data handling experience that helps reduce friction in your data journey. 

A simple ticketing systems that ensures all your team manage all events on every case.

Connect to your customers, cases and 3rd parties, all from one shared inbox for your whole team.


Mobile App

Give your customers full control on their case via the FinView app. Available online or via the app store.

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