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The future of debt collection is here! Our innovative software harnesses the power and efficiency of multiple technologies to assist businesses of all sizes in optimising their collection process and recovering outstanding debts quicker and more efficiently.

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FinView data and analytical dashboards

What exactly is FinView?

FinView, our comprehensive software solution that improves your debt collection efforts, is FinView. An ever-growing list of integrations supports all aspects of the debt collection process.

Although each element is strong enough on its own, the magic of using them in combination creates a whole new level.


Increase in debt collection results


Increase in digital payment plan adoption


Reduction in manual processes

Features Say goodbye to Excel, revolutionise your debt collection processes.

FinView continues to evolve in order to offer new and improved features. We pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve with our cutting-edge platform so that you can work faster and more efficiently than ever before.

With our drag-and-drop editor, you can quickly create compelling debt collection email templates. You can rest assured that all templates are responsive and do not require any coding.

FinView's real-time insights and reporting will help you improve your recovery performance. Our seamless, end to end analytics experience empowers your team to work faster and more efficiently.

Our streamlined ticketing system makes it easy to manage case-related tasks. FinView TicketDesk consolidates communications and unlinked payments in one place, optimising your team’s organisation and productivity.

Tasks like data cleansing, matching, enrichment, and matching are essential in today's data-driven world. FinView makes it easier for you to manage your data journey and focus on using your data to increase recovery rates.


Digital payments

For your debtors' convenience, FinView seamlessly integrates a wide range of payment options into its app. Choose your preferred payment provider and provide a variety of payment options to your debtors through our mobile app/portal.

Inbox unites communications from clients, case owners, and other parties into one comprehensive case view. To deliver extraordinary digital experiences for all involved, use channels like emails, SMS, voice mails, and WhatsApp.

WORKFLOWS Create data-driven debt collection strategies effortlessly

FinView's visual builder makes it easy to create engaging, personalised experiences that automate the entire debt collection process.

  • Visually intuitive, code-free design

  • Automating tasks of all sizes

  • All channels offer seamless experiences

FinView Flow Builder

PRICING Choose a Plan

We offer pricing plans that fit all business types and sizes. Compare and find the best plan for you.

CORE €49 per user / month

The perfect plan for sole traders or individuals looking to get paid quickly.

  • Client management module
  • Dynamic workflows
  • Inbox, drag & drop template builder
  • Data import - csv, xls or online form
  • Dashboards & reporting
  • Case manager
  • Client portal
  • 24/7 online support
  • Maximum 50 cases per month

PLUS €89 per user / month

A great plan for small businesses with larger volumes of invoices.

  • Everything in core and ....
  • Minimum 5 users
  • Client online portal
  • Available in apple & google store
  • Help Desk
  • Automated plan request process
  • API for case import
  • 9 - 5 CET Live agent support
  • Maximum 500 cases per month

ENTERPRISE Price upon request

Complete suite of solutions for enterprise and debt collection agencies.

  • Everything in plus and ....
  • Minimum 7 users
  • Legal case module
  • Document storage & management
  • Case time recording
  • Legal billing
  • Legal calendaring
  • White label invoicing
  • Hosting includes up to 12000 active cases

Want a customised solution to meet your needs? Get in touch with us.

OUR CLIENTS Hear what our clients have to say

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs. Discover how FinView has helped companies of all shapes and sizes.

“With FinView we are able to automate large parts of our debt collections and recovery processes. This advanced technology has provided us the ability to deliver tailored and optimised collections services to all our customers, at scale.”

Karl Baker
Director of Taurus Collections (UK) Ltd

MOBILE APP Give your clients the tools to manage their finances

FinView's self-service, debt collection app is a first in its kind. Clients have complete control and can manage their cases themselves. Our user-friendly app is available online or download to replace over 80% human interaction since its launch.

  • Convenient payment links
  • Create their own payment plan
  • They can communicate directly with you
FinView App 2023

MOBILE APP Give your clients the tools to manage their finances

FinView's self-service, debt collection app is a first in its kind. Clients have complete control and can manage their cases themselves. Our user-friendly app is available online or download to replace over 80% human interaction since its launch.

  • Convenient payment links
  • Create their own payment plan
  • They can communicate directly with you
FinView App

INTEGRATIONS Integrated with other services to give you full control


Communications Messagebird

With your own account, you can easily integrate with Messagebird and benefit from all the communication channels available on a global level. 


Emails SendGrid

Be in complete control over your email automation with our direct integration to SendGrid. Enter your own API key and your ready to go.


Automation Ponto Banking

Ponto helps to bridge the gap between FinView and your Bank accounts. Integrated with all European banks, this integration helps speed up your finance.


Payments MultiSafePay

Just one of our payment providers, MSP enables you to provide a fully integrated suite of payment options to your clients. All direct from the FinView app.

FAQS Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’ve answers. If you can’t find what we are looking for, feel free to get in touch.

Can I request a new feature for FinView?

We really love new features and ideas that help improve our platform. As soon as you have signed up to our software, you become a member of our community. All your ideas can be sent by clicking the link below:

Tell us your idea >

How easy is it to upload new cases?

There are a number of ways in which you can upload new cases. Visit our knowledge centre and learn on all the possibilities available to you.

FinView Knowledge Center >

What support level does FinView provide?

At our company, customer support is of utmost importance in order to create the optimal experience with our debt collection software, FinView. We provide 24-hour assistance via multiple channels including phone, email, live chat and our dedicated support team staffed with knowledgeable professionals familiar with our software that are here to assist with any concerns or inquiries that might arise during use of it.

Additionally, our website boasts an expansive knowledge base with video tutorials and user guides to quickly provide answers to common queries, as well as to gain more knowledge of our software at your convenience. If additional assistance is required from us for your team becoming acquainted with it all quickly. If so, customised training sessions and webinars may also be scheduled at a more suitable time and location.

How scalable is your solution? Can it grow with our business as our needs change?

We built FinView using the latest technology. It is globally available and is able to scale as your business grows. We are confident to say that if you upload 1 million active debt collection cases, FinView will handle it with ease.

How often do you update your software, and are updates included in the pricing?

We update FinView on a regular basis. Currently that is every week and largely driven by feature requests from you, our customers. Unlike most debt collection software providers, our updates come as part of our licensee model.

That means you do not need to pay for upgrades and changes !!!

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