INTEGRATIONS Integrated with services that provide you with full control

Unlike traditional collections platforms who force you into using their services (at a high rate), we have integrated FinView with different providers. You simply create your own account with them, put the API key into our software and enjoy the seamless integration.

With your own account, you can easily integrate with Messagebird and benefit from all the communication channels available on a global level. 

Be in complete control over your email automation with our direct integration to SendGrid. Enter your own API key and your ready to go.

Ponto helps to bridge the gap between FinView and your Bank accounts. Integrated with all European banks, this integration helps speed up your finance.

Stripe provides a global payment service that helps you to receive payment from anywhere in the world. Integration is direct with our FinView app.


Infrastructure Microsoft

Our platform is fully developed on the Microsoft Azure infrastructure. Providing a scalable, multi-layered security with global access that ensures your data is protected no matter your region.


Communications Postbode - NL

Need to send letters? Then integrate with postbode. A dutch service provider that not only has a cost effective rate, but also provides deliver success via their API.

A global provider of communication services. SMS, Email, Text to Speech, post and rich media are just some of the offerings ClickSend provide. Fully integrated with FinView. 

One of Europes fastest growing digital banks, available in multiple countries. FinView is directly integrated with Bunq's API ensuring a seamless process for registering payments.

A digital bank with a presence in the UK as well as Europe. For clients looking to integrate with their bank, Revolut offers the perfect solution for fast growing organisations.

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