Platform Highlights: FinView 1.4

FinView 1.4 - bringing new debt collection features

Welcome, FinView Community!

Today we're back with another product update blog to expand and improve FinView's capabilities. We are pleased to reveal some amazing new features and integrations that promise to elevate the FinView experience even further.

MT940 Upload Capability:

FinView 1.4 - MT940 Upload

Embrace the ease of MT940 uploads for seamless bank payment integrations. This feature reduces manual effort, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your financial reconciliations.

Toggling Financial Components:

FinView 1.4 allows you to toggle various financial components in any case. If you need to switch off the interest, administration or debt collection cost components, this is easy with our simple toggle feature on the financial insights panel.
In addition, if you have uploaded an incorrect main sum, you can now adjust this also from the invoice panel. All of which gives you more control and flexibility in managing financial details accurately.

Expanded Reporting Features:

Our enhanced reporting capabilities offer deeper insights and analytics, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and improve your collection strategy.

XLS File Format Support:

With the new XLS file format support for case imports, enjoy improved compatibility and a smoother import process, making your work more efficient and faster.

Vulnerability Indicator:

In response to increasing regulatory scrutiny of vulnerable debtors, FinView 1.4 introduces a pivotal feature: the Vulnerability Indicator. This tool allows debt collectors to identify and flag individuals showing signs of vulnerability. Our focus on this aspect is not just a compliance measure, but a stride towards a more compassionate approach to debt collection. Recognising the importance of this feature, we are investing significantly in developing a global multi-lingual vulnerability AI. This advancement will ensure sensitive and appropriate handling of cases, demonstrating our commitment to ethical standards and practices in debt recovery. This initiative aligns with global regulatory trends and underscores our dedication to socially responsible debt collection.

Ready to try it out?

All features and improvements mentioned in this blog are available to use right now! Are you new to FinView and want to see it in action? You can contact us and we will get back to you quickly.

Enjoy using all these cool new features, and stay tuned for more editions of this blog series for newer features that we are currently building!


Dylan de Blieck

Co-founder and FinView Guru