ABOUT US Why FinView

We are more than just a tech company. We have goals, hopes, and dreams, just like the rest of you. We want to provide a better solution to companies struggling with recovering unpaid invoices. 

We have only just started and already know that our technology is disrupting the status quo. If that's something that speaks to you - you belong here with us.

FinView Team

OUR STORY How it all began?

It all started 4 years ago when Cheryl, Dylan and Darren decided to start a company. We all believed that our combined skills could help build something truly amazing. So far, so good.

What is FinView's mission?

To transform the world of debt collection, permanently. We believe that invoice recovery and case management can be cloud-based and customer centric. Most importantly, we believe that there is a better way companies can handle those in financial stress by empowering them to take control.

What's it like working at FinView?

It's fun. It's challenging. It's hugely rewarding. If you are ready to disrupt an age old industry, then FinView is for you.

What are we proud of?

We are innovative and driven to drive real change in a thoughtful way. We update our product a lot! We want to deliver a product that can actually help companies resolve their cases whilst taking care of those in need. Otherwise, what is the point!

TEAM The team leading the change


Darren Tebbitt

Co-founder & CEO

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Dylan de Blieck

Co-founder & COO

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Cheryl Miskow

Co-founder & CFO

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Lies Knoester

Client & Data Specialist

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Lonneke Makhija -van der Weijden

Investor & Advisor

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Marlies van Sonsbeek

Investor & Advisor

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Andrew Carter


Thomas Shaw

GROWTH A partnership like no other!

We teamed up with the impressive team at Finaps who helped us bring FinView to life. Our dedicated development team have worked with us for more than 4 years in initially developing CollectIC, the FinView app and the latest version FinView. A highly innovative team that is supporting our goal of bringing digital transformation to the collections and legal case world.


CLIENTS Our clients span across Europe, US and South Africa